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Hey there! Hope you enjoy whatever silly stuff I post here or something! You guys like candy horses right?!

Fluttershy is best pony...and Pinkie is close by.

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Alternate Luna from the IDW comics! :D

Challenge from 23.7.2014, theme was alternative jobs for ponies.

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Public service pony drawing I did last year but was too lazy to upload. 

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Yknow what? I’m gonna post this here anyway. It was my entry for today’s TMAC (Wereponies challenge) but I was like 2 minutes late with submitting it since my pen nib flew off halfway through the challenge (because the pen is so cheap) and I had to spend like 5+ mins looking for it. Oh well.

I’ll clean this up later and post a much nicer version but I decided to post this version as well just because I didn’t get to submit it on time. :P

Also forgot her wings, prft.

Another challenge I did recently. :) Theme was complete and utter destruction so I decided to draw a prelude of it!

TMAC blog (NSFW)

Amazingly enough I got off my ass to do a few more 30 minute challenges. As usual, there’s been quite a lot of post processing on this one. The theme was extreme emotions, something Pinkie Pie is well versed in.

TMAC blog (NSFW)


I was hanging outside of the Big Apple Ponycon venue when I saw a homeless lady wander up to a small crowd of bronies and beg for change.

I never saw so many people whip out their wallets so quickly and readily all at once. One guy even gave her a ten. By the time it was over, the woman was in…

Tatzlpony AJ because of reasons!

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Also check out some more bizzare stuff by the person who created the tatzlpony concept here.

27.7.2014 edit - Derpy cameo added.

DANGER ZONE AND STUFF. You can read the whole description (and see the full size) on dA. It was fun making this. :3

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Okay, so I don’t usually upload my sketches, mainly because it’s a huge pain in the butt for me to scan and do stuff in a presentable state but since I haven’t uploaded anything in forever (again) I decided to do so. It’s a compilation of several sketches from different time periods and of different sizes. You will also notice my excellent predisposition towards drawing characters that get cut off inconveniently.

Most of these sketches were also pretty small so there was a lot of smudging and ugliness and although I tried cleaning it up in Photoshop, they still aren’t totally great in some places.

Sooo left to right - top to bottom: Waifu Stealer, I hate drawing ponies in front view and even more when they have special eyes, I have no idea why I drew this, Chrysalis enjoying some Hyperspace Hyperwars painting, IDW comic spoilers, Tatzlshy (Blame the magnificent dtkraus and his abominations), something inspired by Shylestia in that one episode, Big Mac being a true gentle manne of leisure, some random Ultramarine inspired horse, Tatzljack (which I actually have lineart of but wanted to lineart Tatzlshy too) and finally Twilight going bananas.

Oh and for the record, I’m not into the vore part of the tatzlhorse things, I just find the design interesting.